Sunday, November 20, 2011

Google Android has 200m handsets activated so far

During their “These Go To Eleven” event on the weekend, Google announced that they currently have over 200 million Android devices activated. In just May of this year they had 100 million Android devices activated. That works out to be 550,000 handsets activated every day!

That number is indeed incredibly high, especially after you consider Apple’s announcement of 250 million iOS devices during the iPhone 4S launch. Consider now, that the first Android smartphone hit the market a year after Apple launched iPhone, and you can see how far and fast Android has come along.

Earlier we reported how Android OS has taken over 50% of smartphone sales around the world in Q2, and research firm Gartner says that Android OS accounts for 52% of handsets sold in Q3 2011. Comparatively iOS has 15% market share, Symbian has 16.9% and BlackBerry has 11%. Windows Phone 7 has 1.5%.


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