Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Apple having Black Friday sale on 25th November

Apple has started rolling Black Friday sale banners in various countries for their online store. Currently the advertisement is only showing up on the UK, Australian and Italian stores. Ironically US has yet to see the banner on their store since Black Friday is traditionally an American holiday, following the day after Thanksgiving Day.

Usually Black Friday deals cause massive rush both physically in stores and virtually on website servers, often loading them to the point of being taken down. Historically Apple has had modest sales for Black Friday, with $101 (AED 380) off iMacs and MacBooks last year. We could see similar price cuts this year as well, with offers available on the entire product range as well as other third party accessories.

Given the number of countries getting the Black Friday deals, it stands to reason that the UAE store will also be getting the Black Friday offers on 25th November, especially given the fact that our store was opened recently, a little sale wouldn’t hurt at all.

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