Thursday, November 24, 2011

Microsoft and Yahoo! merger back on track?

According to an inside source of theirs, New York Times reports that Microsoft has signed an NDA with Yahoo! to look into their books.  Back in 2008 Microsoft made an offer of $45 billion to Yahoo! in the hopes of competing against Google’s ever increasing market share. At the time Yahoo! was still in a very strong position, which led to Jerry Yang rejecting the offer. Three years later, with their share value half of what it was back then, Yahoo! is open to offers from potential buyers for a complete takeover.

This time around, though, Microsoft doesn’t seem to be looking for an outright takeover either. Instead, they seem to want to help a consortium of companies with the bidding, namely Silver Lake and the Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board. The deal then becomes that Microsoft gets to keep their existing partnership with Yahoo! whereby Bing provides all their search results. Part of this deal will also include Microsoft trying to integrate Skype services into Yahoo!.

For now, both Microsoft and Yahoo! have declined to comment on this move, but it’s only a matter of time before Yahoo! gets bought out and Microsoft ends up with a decent deal to expand their product services through Bing and Skype. Whatever the case, Google is still reigning supreme.

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