Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Village in India renamed itself to SnapDeal.com Nagar

aaaaa A village in India has renamed itself to SnapDeal.com and as it turned out that this was done out of gratitude for the company rather than than being a marketing stunt by them. SnapDeal is a “coupon” service in India just like the internationally famous Groupon or Middle east wide Cobone. SnapDeal had installed manual water pumps in this village to provide them with clean drinking water. It was a humble gesture done for good will. But the villagers were so happy for the service provided to them that they decided to rename their village to SnapDeal.com Nagar (Nagar meaning village) out of sheer gratitude. SnapDeal.com has even promised more support for local villages including this by promising local school and hospital, as their aim is to support the villages of India from the good income they earn as an act of charity. We just hope more big ventures also thought like that. Good game SnapDeal.com

aaaaa[via TechCrunch]

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