Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Verizon to begin tiered data plan July 7

By Athima Chansanchai

For new Verizon customers, unlimited data plans won't be among their choices, with tiered plans beginning in early July. Reports are circulating that point to data plans starting at $30 for 2 GB.a

That's $5 more than AT&T's plan, so if you were hoping to save some money with a capped plan, so sad, too bad.a

As customers gravitate more toward smartphones, tablets and other data-heavier devices, carriers are phasing out their unlimited data plans and making tiered plans the industry standard. Soon Sprint may stand alone in continuing to offer an unlimited plan.a

Droid Life published a rundown of charges, and we're waiting on Verizon Wireless to verify the information, although Verizon spokeswoman Brenda Raney has confirmed to AllThingsD that the transition is coming next month. She did not give any more details, but luckily, Droid Life does:a

Without tethering, the plans would run in 5 GB ($50) and 10 GB ($80) increments. Customers can also add tethering, though that will cost an extra $20 a month for 2 GB. With tethering, plans would run $50/month (4 GB), $70/month (7 GB) and $100/month (12 GB). Overages would cost you $10 per 1 GB.   Tablet users would pay $10 more for 2 GB of data for a total of $30. 

Other details that emerged from Droid Life include that these prices would apply to new customers from July 7 on, and not to those currently under contract. These tiers would also be the same for 3G as 4G.a

Droid Life has posted an internal memo to Verizon employees that seems to bolster the move to tiered plans sooner rather than later.a

Might be a good time to look for Wi-Fi. a

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