Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Report: 19 year old LulzSec leader arrested in Essex, UK

aaaaaAccording to a report from UK Metropolitan Police, a 19 year old male, thought to be the leader of the nefarious hacker group LulzSec, has been arrested in Essex UK.

aaaaaThe arrest was made as a result of a pre-planned operation between Essex Police and the FBI. The teen was arrested on “suspicion of Computer Misuse Act, and Fraud Act offences”, and is currently being held in a London police station.

aaaaaThe report says that a significant amount of ‘material’ was found at the his residency and is now being examined by forensic experts.

aaaaaLulzSec soon came into the limelight after the massive attack on PSN. The hacker group brought down major networks and global websites including Sony, Epic Games, Nintendo, Sega, CIA, Bethesda, etc. We wonder if information provided by LulzSec Exposed lead to the arrest.

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