Friday, June 24, 2011

Nokia Sea Ray: The N9 that runs Windows Phone 7

aaaaaIn a “super confidential” presentation this morning, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop asked a crowd of attendees to put their cameras away before unveiling a Windows Phone-powered device with overwhelming resemblance to the N9, codenamed ‘Sea Ray’.

aaaaaOther than a slightly different LED placement on the back of ‘Sea Ray’, the device is almost a mirror image of the N9 â€" it even uses the same 8-megapixel Carl Zeiss lens. There is however, a hardware button, presumably for shutter release, along the side.


aaaaaWhile we’re certainly enthusiastic about the possibility a device similar to the N9 running Windows Phone 7, but it may also be that the device is still a prototype. And they may change the look to keep N9 market separate. Else Sea Ray will become a direct competitor of N9 itself killing Meego in its infamy.

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