Friday, June 24, 2011

Klout scores earn freebies for Facebook visitors

By Nidhi Subbaraman

Brands looking to connect on Facebook now have a way to sniff out fans with the biggest social media following.a

Companies can add the new Klout Coupon App on their Facebook page, which asks visitors for their Klout scores. Based on their Klout "value" (which measures one's social media use and following), companies can decide what pages the visitors see, and reward the fans with the highest Klout scores with goodies.a

Audi's Facebook page was the first to roll out the app Wednesday. Visitors to the site are offered a downloadable desktop graphic in exchange for their Klout score.a

"This application allows you to set a threshold of influence and decide just how influential a user has to be in order to receive your most valuable offer," writes marketing website Involver. a

Many brands already interact with their Facebook visitors in ways that reward their social media savvy. For example, some companies keep their content on their Facebook pages hidden until a visitor hits the "Like" button, Mashable observes.a

What's your Klout worth? High enough to win some hot wheels-themed desktop wallpaper? Well, let's hope Audi thinks so.a

[Via Mashable]a

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