Saturday, June 25, 2011

Conan cuts up Final Cut Pro X

By Suzanne Choney

Just as wordsmiths get annoyed when Microsoft changes around a seminal program like Word, some video editors aren't too happy with Apple's recently released re-do of Final Cut Pro for video editing.a

Conan O'Brien gave Final Cut Pro X a good whack in this tightly edited take featuring his crew of video guys. (Note the protest at the end of the clip: A list of features "removed" from the software, his staff says, including multi-camera editing, customizable workspaces, more than one timeline per project.)a

Apple has described Final Cut Pro X, which costs $299.99, as a "revolutionary new version" for its new features.a

But not so, says Conan: "It's so different from the last version of Final Cut, video and film editors all over Hollywood are having a very hard time adjusting to it. Well, our editors here at 'Conan' are some of the best in the business; they actually like the new software. In fact, they prepared this video statement voicing their support for the new Final Cut Pro."a

Be sure not to miss the dig at the very end of the clip: "What is this, iMovie Pro?"a

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