Sunday, December 11, 2011

Skype founder plans to offer free Internet next year with new service

Love the Internet but don’t want to pay for it? Of course, you do. We all do. It’s top on our ‘Ten Things That Will Make the World Awesome’ list. And so, it seems we have finally found our hero who will make it happen. He is the co-founder of Skype, and along with LightSquared, plans to free data and voice access the citizens of the United States.

The service is called FreedomPop and will offer 4G access, at least initially, to the “under-served markets” in 2012, before unleashing the “free broadband and voice services to all Americans” by mid-2012.

Now, before you cut a permanent ticket to the States, we must keep in mind the economics. Just how will FreedomPop keep…err, popping the service without a subscription model? Will it offer dead-slow speeds for free, with higher speeds at a price? Will it be advert supported? Will it asks for a piece of your soul as guarantee? It’s all very unknown – its official website offers nothing, too.

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