Saturday, December 17, 2011

'Avatar' iTunes 'Extras Special Edition' out Tuesday

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By Suzanne Choney

If you still can't get enough of "Avatar," you may like what's coming to iTunes on Tuesday: An iTunes "Extras Special Edition" of the movie that includes scene deconstruction, so you can see how the movie went from performance capture to the final scenes.a

"Fans can experience the global box office sensation like never before as they control scene deconstructions in simultaneous views," said Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and Lightstorm Entertainment, in a press release.a

"This new feature will also enable consumers to interact with the performance capture and visual effects levels in 17 of the film’s scenes. For the first time ever, Green Screen X-ray gives users an interactive look through the visual effects levels to see the original green screen footage behind a pivotal scene."a

The iTunes Extras Special Edition also includes an original screenplay by James Cameron, "Cameron’s scriptment (a novella with some scenes broken out into dialogue), a gallery of 1,700 images and more."a

Pre-orders are being taken starting Friday; with the special edition costing $14.99 for standard definition; and $19.99 for high-def.a

If you've been waiting for the "Avatar" sequel, this one might hold you over, giving you another fix of Pandora — at least for awhile.a

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