Saturday, December 17, 2011

RIM delays next-gen Blackberry phones to late 2012

It’s no secret that Research in Motion has been having the worst year of their existence and need a miracle to save them as market share of their products come tumbling down every waking minute. Being a Blackberry user myself, I still agree that they do need something to bring them back up. The next-gen Blackberry 10 phones were touted to be that thing, but now looks like it’s a long wait to get them.

Business Insider reports that during an investor conference, the management of RIM let it loose that next generation Blackberry phones fitted with the newly named Blackberry 10 won’t be available until late 2012. Insiders previously had pegged the release to be the first quarter of 2012, so that’s a long delay right there which gives customers enough time to switch over to a different device and it would be too late for them to look back.

The reason for the delay apparently isn’t the development time for the new OS but the fact that they are waiting on the completion and delivery of the dual-core processors and connections to the faster LTE wireless networks. Whatever the reason may be, RIM looks to have lost a huge opportunity here. Stocks then came tumbling down predictably.

What do you think? Are you waiting or jumping ship?

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