Sunday, December 11, 2011

HP deems cat hair in your laptop as ‘bio hazard’

If you own an HP laptop plus a cat, there’s a chance that your warranty is void due to your cat’s hair getting stuck in the HP laptop.

So an HP Elitebook owner sent in his laptop to HP for repair, but it came back broken, When questioned as to why his laptop wasn’t repaired, the support staff, which wasn’t easy to get a hold of, told him that there was so much cat hair in his laptop that it was considered a “biological hazard” and thus voided the warranty.


Image from HP customer support; too much cat hair.

While telling the Consumerist about his long talk with the HP Customer Support Supervisor, Chris wrote, “He seemed to relent later, and he pretty much agreed with me, so he talked to his supervisor (to make an appeal). Then he gets back on the phone with me and says that the supervisor said that there was SO MUCH cat hair that it’s considered a biological hazard.

I probably have more cat hair on my shirt than what was in the laptop. Am I a walking “biological hazard”?

Cat hair or not, I just want my computer fixed. It’s a manufacturing defect, and it just so happens that the laptop is sprinkled with a bit of hair.”


Biological hazard!

Hopefully HP will take notice of this public outcry and fix the poor guy’s Elitebook, because cat hair is a very poor excuse for not covering a manufacturing defect under warranty.


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