Sunday, December 11, 2011

Panasonic to expand its smartphone business to Europe in 2012

Hey, hundred thousand Android manufacturers, you have a new friend who wants to introduce itself. Panasonic today announced that it will be accelerating its smartphone business by launching its lineup in Europe next year.

To get its foot under the door, it will release the following yet-to-be-named Android model, which it says will be used as a “reference model” to achieve 1.5 million sales for the next fiscal quarter. Panasonic is also hoping that success in the European market will help them get a footing globally, netting them nine million units sales in fiscal year 2016.

As for the Android phone, specs for it are scarce except that it will look sleek as hell and host a 4.3″ OLED screen. It will also be waterproof and dustproof.

Full press release here.

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