Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sonic.net ISP to provide 1Gbps broadband speed for cheap

aaaaaWhile we, UAE residents, twiddle our thumbs, hoping day and night for our beloved telecoms to reduce price of their high-speed internet packages, others in the field are already testing speeds that are not only twice as fast, but thrice as cheap as well (the math could be wrong).

aaaaaAccording to a report from Ars Technica, an ISP called Sonic.net in California is looking to offer 1Gbps broadband package to its customers after it completes a series of tests. Currently, a trial program will be made available in 700 homes in the town of Sebastopol when the infrastructure is laid out. Once completed, and if the pilot program works, Sonic plans to expand its package to other parts of the region as well. The package will cost just $70, and will throw in telephone services as well.

aaaaaIf the model is sustainable or not remains to be seen. If it is, it has the potential to shake up the entire market â€" in the US, not here, of course.

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