Monday, June 13, 2011

Logitech G400 – the new economical gaming mouse

aaaaaI am a big fan of Logitech gaming hardware. They are economical, durable and feature packed. I use Logitech MX518 mouse which features sensitivity controls, two extra buttons on sides, very comfortable right grip. But this mouse is now a decade old. Logitech knew how popular this mouse was due to its cheaper price with extra buttons and comfortable size, so they are going to launch an updated version of this mouse: Logitech G400


aaaaaAlthough from outside its nearly same, but the updates are inside:

- The optical sensor is twice as sensitive with a maximum 3,600 DPI resolution. Original MX518  had 1800 dpi. - The mouse reports 1,000 times per second over USB, MX518 reported up to 250. - G400 will also have configuration compatibility with Logitech gaming keyboards macro G-keys. aaaaaThe new G400 starts shipping in July for $50 (approximately 180 AED) while the original MX518 you can find for around 120 AED.

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