Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Anonymous hack Spanish police site for PSN hack arrests

aaaaaThe recent attacks on gaming services are increasing day by day. And the first and worst case was of Playstation network which crippled the whole service while stealing all user data including credit card info. The internet’s resistance group “Anonymous’ was claimed behind the attacks, and just recently the hacks were traced back to to Spanish server. Based on which Spanish police had detained 3 of alleged members of Anonymous hacking crew.

aaaaaAnonymous promised revenge against these attacks and now they have hack Spanish police website and closed it down using Denial of Service attacks. This will make the situation just worse for the crew as this just means that maybe Spain’s internal police services may be down as well as option to report crime online. Moreover such doing will not force police to release those hackers but instead make more arrests and file some serious charges on them now.

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