Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Google announces new Image search, Voice search and Instant Pages

aaaaaYesterday Google announced a host of new and updated features for their search engine on both mobile platforms and good old desktop search. First off, with the success of the Voice search on mobiles, Google will be adding voice search to their search engine soon. One can already see the benefits of this in terms of faster search results as well as easier data entry since you won’t have to worry about spelling.

aaaaaNext up is the Google’s Search by Image feature where you can literally drag and drop any image from your desktop by going to Google images and clicking the camera icon. Keep in mind that this search is optimized for famous landmarks, people, art, etc. So don’t expect to be able to stalk people with this.


aaaaaLastly there’s the new Instant Pages, a natural evolution of Google Instant search. What happens is that Google starts prerendering some of the top search result pages in the background while you decide which link to click. The result is an instantaneous page load, saving you anywhere between 2 to 5+ seconds. This feature will roll out in the next Chrome beta update, although you can try it in the developer build if you really can’t wait to try it out.


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