Thursday, June 16, 2011

Apple bans passcode-collecting app

By Rosa Golijan

We recently told you about how a developer used information gathered from his app's users to reveal the 10 most frequently used iPhone passcodes. Unfortunately for him, it seems that as soon as Apple got wind of his "research," it decided to ban his app.a

BGR reports that despite the fact that Daniel Amitay's app Big Brother Camera Security was not collecting users' actual iPhone lockscreen passcodes or information which could be traced back to individual users, Apple's security conscious side felt the need to ban the app. Amitay elaborated on his blog:a

Big Brother has been removed from the App Store. I’m certainly not happy about it, but considering the concerns a few people have expressed regarding the transfer of data from app to my server, it is understandable.not the actual iPhone lockscreen passcodes. Second, when the app sends this data to my server, it is literally sending only that number (e.g. “1234”) and nothing else. I have no way of identifying any user or device whatsoever. a

I think I should clarify exactly what data I was referring to, and how I was obtaining it. First, these passcodes are those that are input into Big Brother, a

He proceeded to express that he hopes the ban can be reversed and offered to remove the offending code from his app.a

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Rosa Golijan writes about tech here and there. She's obsessed with Twitter and loves to be liked on Facebook.a

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