Saturday, January 28, 2012

Yuk, Recreation Simultaneously Assemble Robot!

One day, the warriors martial arts may have to fight against the robots who are also adept bersilat. This is one attraction that robots can now be witnessed in the House Robots, Thamrin City, Jakarta.

Robot's house has become one of the favorite places for kids to fill the holiday. In this place, they can practice assembling robots are also programmed.

Prices vary a robot in there, ranging from the hundreds of thousands of dollars to hundreds of millions of dollars. According to Subagyo Yus, the manager, some robots are specially designed to display shades of Indonesia.

Home robot that was formed in 2010 to accommodate the fans of the robot is open daily, from 10 am until seven o'clock tonight. As for training costs to assemble the robot is Rp 150 thousand per day. Bids are quite interesting, is not it? (ANS)

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