Saturday, January 28, 2012

North Koreans Prohibited Use Cell Phone For 100 Days

North Korea (North Korea) has just lost its leader, Kim Jong Il, who died on December 17, 2011. North Korean government announced a 100-day mourning period to commemorate the death of Jong Il. During this mourning period, there is no community that North Korea may use mobile phones.

Excerpted from The Telegraph, anyone who violates this decree will be punished as war criminals.

There is fear in the current North Korean government, let alone the leader Jong Il, who has been highly respected, was dead. Banning the use of these phones to be an attempt to prevent the people united against the regime.

North Korean government, which is currently led by Kim Jong Un (son of Jong Il), avoid provocations that could lead to uprisings such as in the Middle East.

The revolution that occurred in Egypt and Libya, for example, can occur due to the help of communication tools and Internet networks.

May 2011, the post-uprising in the Middle East, North Korea's government seized thousands of phones and strictly monitor every communication from abroad.

In late 2008, technology site CNet reported that the Government of North Korea could restrict cell phone use and intimidate citizens from engaging in communications abroad.

The government prevented citizens reveal a problem of food shortages. Not only that, the issue of welfare in the North also became a serious problem because the average monthly income of only 15 U.S. dollars or about Rp 135,000.

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