Friday, January 27, 2012

President Obama to Stop Making Factory Processor

U.S. President Barack Obama visited Intel's newest factory was built in Chandler, Arizona USA on Wednesday (01/25/2012). Actually, the plant is still under development and is planned to be operational in 2013. What is the reason Obama visited this factory?

Intel calls its new factory named Fab 42. The plant will produce processors with 14 nm fabrication. These processors will offer energy efficiency for ultrabook, tablets, and smart phones.

Construction of the plant is estimated to cost 5 billion U.S. dollars. Obama, in his visit, to see to what extent the development of the plant to be proud of these United States.

February last year, Obama has never visited the factory and proud Intel, Intel is building a factory in the U.S..

Construction of the plant is a continuation of strategic cooperation with Macron Technology Intel, based in Boise, Idaho, USA.

Both companies are developing technology, Intel Micron Flash Technology (IMFT) in 2006 and operates two factories in the U.S., one in Utah and the other in Virginia. IMFT in the future, will be used for the Macbook, the iPad, and iPhone.

Based on published data Intel, Fab 42 will spend 24 thousand tons of steel rebar, 21 thousand tons of structural steel and the search time will spend 10.5 million hours.

In addition to Fab 42, Intel will also build D1X Factory in Oregon, Hillsboro, which also will be completed in 2013. The plant will produce 14 nm microprocessor fabrication.

Here are the factories that had been owned by Intel in the U.S.:

    Fab 12, a factory producing microprocessor / chipset, 65/22 nm, since 1996
    Fab 17, the factory that manufactures chipsets, 130 nm, since 1998
    Fab 11X, the factory that produces microprocessors 45/32 nm, since 2002
    D1D, factories producing 22nm microprocessors, since 2003
    D1C, factories producing microprocessors 32/22 nm, since 2003
    IMFT fab, factories producing flash memory, 25 nm, since 2006
    Fab 32, the factory that produces microprocessors, 32/22 nm, since 2007
    ** IMFT fab, factories producing memory faslh, 20 nm, since 2007

And this is Intel's factories being built:

    Fab 42, produces microprocessors, 14nm, began operations in 2013 Chandler, Ariz.
    D1X, produces microprocessors, 14nm, began operations in 2013 Oregon, Hillsboro

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