Thursday, January 19, 2012

HTC Radiant LTE picture leaked

A picture of an HTC phone was recently leaked, and while the phone in question looks very similar to the HTC Titan, rumor has that it is a picture of HTC Radiant LTE, HTC’s upcoming Windows Phone.

The picture comes from PocketNow, who point out to a number of percieved differences between the Radiant in the picture and the HTC Titan, such as the enlarged HTC Logo, and a front facing camera with a bigger lens. Furthermore, differences on the backside of the phone include moving the dual-LED flash to the right side of the camera.

Nothing has been revealed in terms of specifications, but PocketNow speculates that it will be standard Windows Phone specs, with 512MB RAM, 1.5GHz RAM, and a similar WVGA screen to the Titant.

There were rumors in December that HTC will be releasing an LTE Windows Phone in February. Could this be the phone in Question?

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