Sunday, January 29, 2012

5 Ways to make beautiful photos for Beginners

Smitten with the photography world? Learn the first foundations for the resulting image can look more beautiful.

In a chance conversation, professional photographer Jerry Aurum divulge these tips to produce captivating images.

1. Interest
The first thing needed for someone to jump into the world of photography and produce a good photograph is of interest. "The first one, must first building interest, if he has an interest will be easier to get into the photography world," said the figure who had been a juror in this Caraka Creative Festival.

2. Often Snap
According to the creator of the book In My Room and Femalography it, photography is only a matter of habit. A person is expected to shoot frequently to hone shrewdness.

The more a person is often photographed then he will be getting better at learning. "Do not make the photography is something that is not regular, because someone will not be quick to learn. The more often snap, he will quickly expert," he added.

3. Composition
Composition is the key next to produce work that good. Indeed, many theories about the composition in it, but if simplified, the composition will produce images that feels pretty sight.

4. Light
"Note the direction of the light coming," said Jerry. Further explained to him that the angle of light is different, then the resulting effect will be different.

This applies to all object images. He explained that the photos taken in the morning or afternoon is best. This is related to the position of the sun is not too high so that the light generated is not 'hard'.

5. Pay attention to the object
Last tips given by graduate Cum Laude, Visual Communication Design of this ITB is the accuracy of the object. A photographer should pay attention to its object and study it first.

By studying it, then he will know whether the object is photographed from a great distance near or far, taken from the left or right, or to smile or not.

"Well, if already mastered the basic techniques above, hopefully someone can produce a good picture," said Jerry.

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