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Android Application Options 20 Year 2011

The number of applications in the Android Market may not be as much as in the (Apple) App Store. Even so, the number of applications in the Android Market today arguably more than enough and will continue to grow rapidly.

Until December 2011, more than 10 billion apps have been downloaded from the Android Market. That number has increased rapidly since July 2011, the number of applications that are downloaded only about 6 billion.

Of the thousands of applications available in Android Market, here are 20 apps that are useful and help the productivity of the users of the Android, especially for professionals and businessmen.

1. Google Voice

Google Voice offers free phone management service. Users can enter a phone number, in accordance with the desired. You can separate a particular phone number, that number can only contact you at a certain hour. In addition, Google Voice messages can automatically transform voice into an email or SMS.

2. Advanced Task Killer

Wasteful consumption of battery on a smartphone because many applications are running in the background. If you want the battery consumption is not too extravagant, you should put some actual applications are not being used it. By using the Advanced Task Killer, the user can shut down all applications running in the background. This application is even more effective than Task Manager.

3. Dropbox

Dropbox can be called as an application that replaces the function of the flash disk as a data storage media. Only, Dropbox accessible online and not have to use a computer.

Previously, you must download the Dropbox in, creating an account, and install it on your computer. Automatically Dropbox folder on your computer will appear. You can add or remove files in the folder.

Well, if you're traveling and need the files in the Dropbox folder stored on your computer, you can download these files via the Android device. You can just log in and instantly download the files needed. It would be very helpful given the many smartphones that can not be dikoneksi with a flash disk.

4. Evernote

Evernote is a good application for registration (notes). In terms of storing data, Evernote is similar to Dropbox. You can keep notes on the smartphone, tablet, or computer. You also can open the Evernote note that with any device.

5. Taskos

Arguably Taskos application "to-do list" best in Android, because its design is simple and easy to operate. Taskos also has particularly reliable voice recognition features that can translate sound into a "to-do items". Although there is still a letter that is not true in the "to-do item" is, you just simply fix one or two words.

6. DroidAnalytics

DroidAnalytics used to present statistical data visualization daily, weekly and annual website to install the Google Analytic. Google so far has no official application like Google Analytic for Android and iPhone. Therefore, DroidAnalytics application can be called as the best application for Google Analytic.

7. Documents To Go

Documents To Go Free version provides service to read Microsoft Word files and Microsoft Excel. You can upgrade to a version of Documents To Go paid (15 dollars) if you want to get the feature "editing" and to add in order to view and edit PowerPoint files. After the Documents To Go, QuickOffice mobile Office application into which is also recommended.

8. Google Docs

Google Docs provides a web-based data management service for free. If you often work with Google Docs, including Microsoft Office files to upload to Google Docs, an application that you need is Google Docs. Google Docs for Android will allow you to read or edit documents.

9. TripIt

TripIt is the best application to record all travel schedules. You simply forward the email confirmation airline schedules, hotels, rental cars and other things that support your journey. After that TripIt app will set it properly.

10. Google Places

This application lets you find shop and other services that are near your current location. You can find restaurants, doctors, clinic by taxi. Places are very accurate in finding the data because it uses the information in Google Local and already integrated with Google Maps.

11. Astro File Manager

Astro File Manager is an application that lets you navigate to the file system Android. Astro also provides backup features, connectivity via Bluetooth, file compression, downloader, search for files, task manager, open the attachment, and others.

12. Speed ​​Test

Useful to test your bandwidth speed Android smartphone. This application will provide information volatile movements 3G/4G connections and check the quality of the WiFi on where you are.

13. Amazon Kindle

If you are not an Amazon Kindle device users, it does not mean you do not use Amazon's Kindle app for Android. An application for storing and displaying electronic books (e-book) and other digital media. Since its release, many people are drawn to the Amazon Kindle since this application helps users read e-books wherever and whenever.

14. Google +

Since its release last July, Google has become a source permbicaraan + because it is more interactive. + Google introduces new services such as Circles, Hangouts, Sparks, and Huddles. As a new social media, Google + predicted to rival the social networking giant Facebook.

15. TED Water

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design. This application can enlighten the public as it offers a variety of thoughts and ideas of leaders and influential people in the world. You can just listen, read, or seen what TED Water delivered through the video. All findings and new ideas can be found through the TED Water.

16. Google Goggles

If you usually enter the text to do a search on Google, with Google Goggles then you can use images to do a search. Simply photograph the object using a camera, Google Goggles will find everything related to the image.

One of the coolest features of Google Goggles is the ability to take pictures of text in a foreign language, then this application will translate it for you. If you are on holiday abroad, this application can help you read the road markings and other signs.

17. Photoshop Express

Who does not know image editing application / best photo in the world, Photoshop. Application of the desktop computer version is now available for the Android platform. After photographing, you can directly edit the pictures, cropping, adjust brightness, sharpen, and so on.

18. Audible

If the application is used to read the Amazon Kindle e-books, Audible audiobook features. You can connect to the library and instantly download Audible audiobooks.

19. Shazam

If by chance you hear a song on the radio but did not know who the singer and what the title, Shazam will help provide answers. Allow this application to listen to the song for 15 seconds, will automatically be processed on the database, with instant information about the song will appear on your smartphone screen. Shazam has a success rate around 80%.

20. Google Finance

This is a great little application. Google Finance on Android phones connected with your Google Finance account, where you can adjust the list of stocks and companies that want to monitor and sort them into the portfolio. This application provides three tabs is simple - look at the market, look at your portfolio, and the latest market news. Google Finance is very fitting for the businessmen who constantly monitor stock movement.

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