Monday, January 30, 2012

Zwirbler Novel from the Collection Status on Facebook

Writers from Hungary, Gergely Teglasy Facebook claiming to be a writer's first novel in the world. However, Teglasy not published a novel titled Facebook, but just writing a novel whose content is derived from the "update status" does almost every day.

As quoted from The Next Web, Teglasy wrote a novel titled "Zwirbler". The word is derived from the German language, which means rotate. The novel is only there on Facebook and can be enjoyed through a podcast format.

Internet users who want to read the novel must be a friend on your Facebook account "Zwirbler". Interestingly, Internet users aged 17 and over can also change the way the story by commenting on status updates performed by Teglasy.

Unfortunately, the novel is written using only the German language. If we do not understand German, then we will not know about what is written Teglasy.

Teglasy now lives in Vienna Austria and began to launch this project since July 2010.

Interestingly, this novel Teglasy will appear in a television screen at various universities in Austria.

This novel delivery method is the result of cooperation with UniScreen company, a company that produces television screen in the area around the campus in Austria.

Not only presents a novel Zwirbler, UniScreen also going to broadcast local news and other information in the vicinity of Austria. The hope, Zwirbler literary essay can be a viable 21st century appreciated.

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