Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Want to Make Android Application? Visit the Design Android!

Google has launched the Android web site design, where application developers can get tips on how to create applications for the Android operating system version 4.0 or so-called Ice Cream Sandwich.

Matias Duarte, Director of the Android User Experience of Google, announced the launch of Android Design in electronics exhibition's most prestigious event in the world, the Consumer Electronics Show, 10 to Jan. 13 in Las Vegas, United States.

Google describes the Android Design as: "a site for studying design principles, building blocks, and patterns to create a world class Android interface."

Lately, Google's Android ecosystem is getting noticed. One of them is a display problem that Android is very diverse, which led to fragmented Android. Such a step is considered good for the future of Android, as well as curb the application developers.

Beginning in January 2012, Google has Android manufacturers require the vendors and application developers to use interface that has made ​​Google Holo. Holo shall be implemented in order to facilitate developers and vendors to integrate widgets, application buttons, and menus on the screen.

Google hopes Android applications have a strong identity and familiar use by users as buttons, widgets, so neat and consistent theme. Ice Cream Sandwich will be the first Android operating system that uses a standard design and interface of Google.

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