Thursday, February 2, 2012

So Thailand Supports First State Sensors Twitter

King Bhumibol cottage in Bhuping Palace, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Step Twitter for local content censorship protests from many quarters. Amid the controversy, Twitter finally gets first international support from the Government of Thailand, on Monday (1/30/2012).

Permanent Secretary Ministry of Information Technology and Thailand, Jeerawan Boonperm, said the move Twitter is "development that should be welcomed".

He said he would contact Twitter to start working on the sensor features local content.

Not only from the government, opposition groups also support the move. Mallika Boonmetrakul of the Democratic Party, since late 2011, seeks to gather support to block social media sites from the west.

According Boonmetrakul, Thailand should follow the example of China's lunge in an attempt to block Internet services that are considered destabilizing the country.

The stance taken by the Government of Thailand is referring of lese majeste law, a rule that prohibits citizens mocking Thailand's royal family.

The activists say Thailand, lese majeste increasingly politicized and used as a tool of repression, rather than as a way to protect the monarchy.

Previously, the Government of Thailand had asked Facebook to remove more than 10,000 pages are considered to violate lese majeste. YouTube has also been subject to complaints in 2006.

Thailand succeeded in forcing YouTube to remove the offending video 225 the royal family. Not only that, Thailand was restricting its citizens from accessing YouTube.

A number of Thai citizens have been jailed for offending the kingdom in the postings on Facebook and the internet.

In 2011 then, a 61-year-old man gets 20-year prison sentence for sending short messages whose content is insulting the royal family.

While a U.S. citizen who was born in Thailand sentenced to 2.5 years in prison for writing a biography of the King of Thailand.

So far, no arrests or punishment meted out to the citizens of Thailand are twittering on Twitter.

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