Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tips Painting Photos with iPhone

Armed with iPhone, anyone can process images into photo shots like "painting". In fact, quality is not inferior to the professional photographer edits.

One of the founders HDRiPhoneographer, Binsar Nasution explained basically any photo from your iPhone camera shots can be directly processed for photo "painting" or quality High Dynamic Range (HDR).

"If you use a regular camera, usually the objects set out in the shooting, but in this HDR, we edit it depends (in terms of HDR is known as a pinch)," said Binsar at the Botanical Photo walk in Bogor, West Java, on Sunday (12/2 / 2012).

To edit the photos from the iPhone camera shots, iPhone owners can download the HDR applications in the App Store. Main applications used are Photoshop Express (PSE) and iCamera HDR.

PSE is more used to increase the exposure (from dark to light or vice versa) and to eliminate noise. But, says Binsar, some iPhone users or fans of HDR is actually more pleased with the presence of noise.

While the application of HDR iCamera more used to generate the HDR-quality photos. Other applications that can be used is PhotoFX and Snapseed. Both of these applications are equally used for additional filtering of color.

"PSE and iCamera HDR is a major application, others are just a complement," he added.

However, Binsar admitted no fixed rule in the process images into pictures HDR shots like "painting" is. The essence of HDR images is adding or subtracting light (light) and shadow (shadow) on the photo.

To be able to get a good HDR photo, Binsar said all depends on the poke iPhone owners.

It will also be adjusted to taste the art of iPhone owners. If the owner of the iPhone's understanding of art, only in a few minutes, the image is "painting" it would be.

HDRiPhoneographer even have a HDR image processing challenges in just 360 seconds, or about six minutes. And it worked.

"In my opinion, a good HDR image is a photo with a more dramatic contrast. So it's like pure painting, not like a computer edits," he said.

Any type of iPhone

To be able to edit photos as "paintings", users can use the iPhone from all the series both the iPhone 3G, iPhone or iPhone 4 iPhone 4S and previous series.

The difference is the long editing in each type of device. The longer the series of iPhone used, the storage process and the process of rendering photo edits are also getting longer. And vice versa.

"It depends on the type of processor used in each of the iPhone. The bigger the processor, the rendering is also growing rapidly," said Binsar.


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