Thursday, February 16, 2012

Anonymous Create Site CIA "Offline"

Anonymous hacker group seemed to be fond of making news with the act he was doing. After the hijack e-mail the president of Syria, this time the CIA was harassed.

U.S. security agency site, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), is inaccessible on Friday (02/10/2012) yesterday. Group of hackers (hackers) Anonymous claims, they who commit such attack.

The hackers who are members of the group Anonymous is signaled their success to the CIA site offline through Twitter account @ YourAnonNews, with the tweet contains: "CIA TANGO DOWN: # Anonymous". A few hours after the tweet was posted, the site of the CIA could not be accessed.

This attack could be a follow-up Anonymous closing the case against file sharing websites MegaUpload.

Besides the CIA, Anonymous himself had hijacked the website of the Department of Homeland Security United States and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Beginning this February, Anonymous managed to tap and broadcast a conference call recording secret conversations between the FBI and British law enforcement officials about the investigation of cyber crime.

This is not the first time the CIA created the site offline by hackers. In the middle of last year, the CIA website has also been hijacked by the group Lulz Security.

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