Friday, February 17, 2012

Steve Jobs Officially Recognized contribution to World Music

Although during the late Steve Jobs is known as a technology leader, but was judged Jobs has given many contributions to the world of music. Monday (2/13/2012), the founder of Apple was awarded the Grammy Trustees Award.

What are the services Jobs in the music industry? The answer is the media iPod music player and online music store iTunes Store.

Steve Jobs is not the person who created the iPod. But Jobs quickly saw an opportunity when Tony Fadell seeking funding for digital music players are small. The result, Apple's iPod has changed the way a person in the enjoyment of music.

When the iPod was first launched, many people think that Apple is no longer focused on the computer. But Jobs said, Apple is a company that is always innovating. "The music we hear is the soundtrack of our lives in this world," said Jobs.

iPod became the biggest-selling media player in the world.

Jobs are also considered to participate against online music piracy. On 28 April 2003, Jobs launched the iTunes Music Store, a place where one can download music files legally.

Before the iTunes Store any, to purchase digital music is very annoying. People prefer to piracy because it's easier, they spontaneously filter out all the tracks in one album. Apple's online music store all the ease comes with a music album and a collection of various labels.

iTunes Store is considered to have saved the music industry. Since 2008, the iTunes Store became the largest online music retailer in the United States.

Because these services, Jobs is considered to have given many important contributions to the world and the music industry. Grammy Award for Jobs received by Eddy Cue, Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Service Apple, in Los Angeles on Saturday (11/02/2012).

"Music means so much to Steve Jobs. He tells us that music has formed his life," Cue said when accepting the award.

Cue at the end of the show also said that Jobs really liked the works of Bob Dylan and The Beatles. It is they who have made the soundtrack in Jobs life.

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