Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Toshiba Recommend a New Television Series 5 Power

Toshiba REGZA LCD televisions introduced 5 that carries the nickname of their latest "Power". Television is a third generation of the REGZA TV Power Power Booster 20 (PB20) and the Power Saver 20 (PS20).

PS20 Power REGZA TV and PB20 using the Auto Clean feature that is claimed to make the picture more clear. In addition, television is also pinned Auto Signal Booster technology that could signal more robust reception.

"So you could say the picture quality is free 'ant'," said Robert Dwijaya, Industrial Designer Toshiba R & D Department Indonesia, at La Piazza Mall, Coconut Ivory Jakarta, Thursday (02/09/2012).

So far, said Robert, people always complain about a TV that only has a standard internal booster. So even using an antenna height of the image remains less clear and less sharp.

Above reason, Toshiba introduced a television with a more powerful booster.

New Design

In addition to these two technologies, Toshiba is also implementing a new design.

The design called Dots has a function to reduce the effects of scratches. This design is specifically embedded in PB20 series.

While the PS20 has been immersed Narrow Bezel design is minimalist and sleek is 17 mm.

"Design is about 60 percent slimmer than the frame (bezel) of conventional television," he added.

The series is said to have been supporting the USB connection and an external hard disk. Users can view 28 types of video formats.

Previously, only supported USB connectivity only and can only accept 27 types of video formats.

Variants and the price offered for the PB20 is: 32 inches (USD 2.6 million), 40 inches (USD 5.4 million) and 46 inches (USD 8.5 million). While the PS20: 32 inches (USD 3.35 million) and 40 inches (USD 6.6 million).

Power TV superior

Throughout 2011, dominated the TV series Power REGZA Toshiba TV sales. REGZA rose from fourth to second place in Indonesia.

In addition about products, Fransisca Maya, Senior Marketing Manager of Toshiba Visual Media Network Indonesia, said the TV Power key success factors is the distribution, promotion and price.

Early 2011, based on a survey of GFK, Toshiba's market share is 12 percent. But at the end of 2011, its market share rose to 24.7 percent. Toshiba is targeting, in 2012 to 32 percent.

Fransisca said sales of LCD and LED TVs Toshiba reach about 200-300 thousand units per month. Or, approximately 2.5 million units per year.

"Private consumption is still an LCD television. But we also have introduced LED televisions at affordable prices," said Maya.

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