Monday, February 27, 2012

This is the Logo New Windows 8

Microsoft finally leaked the logo of the new operating system, Windows 8, on Friday (17.02.2012) in Windows Team's official blog. Enterprise software giant Metro adopts the principle of the interface used in Windows 8.

The new logo is the result of collaboration between the Windows development team and design consulting firm Pentagram. They studied the philosophy of the Metro, and the Microsoft admitted that major changes to the logo of Windows 8.

Window, not the flag

Windows logo really like the window that consists of four boxes, represented only on Windows 1.0 and Windows 89.

Along with the development time, Microsoft seems tempted to enrich logo with color, animation and 3-dimensional. The temptation is to make the Windows logo like a flag fluttering in the position.

Windows 8 and Windows versions of older

One of the Pentagram designer Paula Scher, ask simple questions on the Windows development team. "Microsoft is the Windows product, which means the window. So why is the logo as a flag?" so the question about Paula.

Windows development team agreed with Paula. As a result, the Windows logo as a window 8 made ​​no indentation in the perspective of a small slope.

This design reinforces the identity of the interface, known as Metro-shaped box menu options, or so-called tile.


Older versions of the Windows logo uses four different colors in each box, the red, green, blue and yellow. On Windows 8, the fourth box is given a default color blue. Likewise with his 8-Windows text.

However, Microsoft said, the color can be changed according to the wishes of the user.

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