Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hong Kong Wake Research Centre "Social Media" for Asia

Social Media (social media) is now a major concern of business and the Internet. The whole world, including countries in Asia did not want to miss "enliven" the realm.

So as not to fall behind, needed a research center to understand social media very well. To that end, Asia build a research center dedicated to social media.

Is the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), which initiated the first social media research center in Asia. This facility will help the study of social culture media and technology used throughout Asia.

"This research center facility is expected to have significant impact in academic and commercial areas for the development of social media in Asia," said Tony F. Chan, President of the department of science and technology, while giving a speech during a press conference held at HKUST.

Social media research center will work closely with a number of local companies to utilize the resources and expertise. Cooperation will be targeted to companies engaged in telecommunications and Information Technology.

As part of the launch of this research center, the college also launched a social networking video program that will connect students with the business community in Hong Kong. Businesspeople can conduct training, workshops, and seminars related to technology trends and business issues that can be extracted by the students.

The background of the construction of research centers
The use of social media in Asia has grown very rapidly in recent years. However, most research on social development of media in Asia, carried out by foreign companies.

Development of social media research center first in Asia to do a university in Hong Kong is expected to trigger other campuses in Asia to build a similar facility.

Business prospects
Social media research center could be used by companies engaged in IT and digital industry to analyze trends and market share and develop technology in social media.

Companies in other fields can use the results of this study to determine public opinion about corporate image, measures taken, the goods or services offered, even the effectiveness of advertising in real time from the feedback gathered in the social media.

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