Friday, February 24, 2012

Apple boss hints at iPad Tablet Will Imitate Asus?

Asus was the first vendor to innovate tablet dock accompanies a physical keyboard on the Asus series Prime Transformer.

Innovation is certainly a plus for Prime Transformer and attract many people, not to mention that technology companies are always innovating range of Apple.

Citigroup analyst Richard Gardner, who met Apple CEO Tim Cook was asked to Cook a lot, especially about the iPad. Cook answered all questions in a very impressive that the iPad is a satisfactory product.

According to Gardner, Cook is like giving a sign that "the iPad will soon meet the needs of those who may already be interested in a product". Unmet needs of the iPad seems one of them is the user still needs to board a physical keyboard, not the virtual keyboard that had been there on the iPad.

Cook underlines this statement, comes the speculation that Apple plans to make a keyboard dock for the next generation iPad (which is likely iPad 3), like what Asus has given the Prime Transformer.

Probe the function keyboard dock at Prime Transformer 700T series, next available port SD card reader and USB 2.0 (not the Micro / MiniUSB), which will facilitate data transfer and support the mobility of users.

If someday Apple keyboard dock equip for the iPad, then clearly the inspiration came from technology companies from Taiwan, Asus, which is also one of the Android-based devices.

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