Sunday, February 19, 2012

Funniest Videos on YouTube More Google Algorithm

Researchers at Google fought hard to create a formula by which one produces the most funny video on YouTube.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Saturday (12/02/2012), the algorithm Google managed to find if the video titled "No No No No Cat" is the funniest. Although, this video has just hit 1,186,620 and still less than the other funny videos, however, how the user prefers Google to comment that the video has comedy value.

According to Google research, Sanketh Shetty, the formula is the key to how people comment.

"We pay attention to the audience to react in a funny video some level of" LOL "in capital letters," loooooool ", the repetition of" lolololol ", the statement" lolllll!! ", Or any combination in between," said Shetty.

Then how to consider the 'loooooool' versus 'loool'? Shetty said that they had designed a feature that provides the quantity level of words made ​​by the user.

Google's algorithms option funniest videos can be viewed below:

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