Monday, February 20, 2012

boss Zynga Praise Team Game Builder "Tracing"

Zynga CEO Mark Pincus was buffeted by rumors, he was accused of plagiarizing games from other developers. Rather than comment on these allegations, Pincus commended the team that built the game "plagiarism" is.

An application developer Zynga IOS accused of stealing their idea of ​​an artificial game, Tiny Tower. Zynga appears to have a very similar game with Tiny Tower, under the name Dream Height.

Above allegations, Pincus did not even take it seriously. In an internal memo leaked and accepted by Forbes, Pincus said, "I am proud of the hard work of mobile teams," he said.

Pincus assume that in a business, we need not be the first to enter the market. But more important is to be the best on the market.

Pincus pointed out Google is not the creator of the first search engine, Apple also released the first MP3 player or tablet. Even Facebook is also not a player of the first social networking site.

But these companies became giants and doubled profit for its owners.

Reflecting the memo, Pincus explained that these companies were able to make a revolution and innovation of its products, even imitating. So that products can be accepted by the market.

Pincus actually had a "weapon" to reject the accusation that the application game sold Tiny Tower free on the App Store, but the game Dream Height is a paid application.

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