Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cloud Technology, What Helps?

Ever imagined a day when you accidentally format a USB full reason, but in it there is a report for the boss? It rarely happens, but this could happen in that time we did not expect.

Such events would not be a concern now because aided by Public Cloud-based applications from Google is Google Docs.

With these applications you can access the data online or save them into a computer so that when your computer is damaged or lost data that we need only move to another computer that is connected to the internet and we are ready to return to work.

In addition to the benefits of mobile where we can use the application on any computer connected to the Internet, Cloud-based applications both Public and Private can relieve a lot of IT support office tasks as did our job easier.

Perhaps you've had instances where the office desktop applications are being upgraded, and then one by one office computer update which of course takes time. With the Cloud-based applications you will no longer find anything like it. Updates Cloud-based applications made on a central server, therefore we will be able to save much time.

The interesting thing owned of Cloud-based applications processing is performed on a central server, so the user does not need powerful computers to use the application.

Computer specifications are usually needed only a computer with browser support and enough computer output in 2005 to the above, we can use Cloud apps.

If you are a business owner, this course can be a lot of benefits, which can be minimized in addition to the budget you can also allocate power to the corporate IT enterprise application development.

Service Options Cloud

So far, there are many free applications based Public Cloud that we can use in addition to Google Docs is one image processing applications.

Image processing software is unique because in addition to Public Cloud-based, have almost the same with the use of image processing applications is that we commonly use Adobe Photoshop, so if you are already familiar with Adobe Photoshop then we no longer need to learn its use.

In addition there are also another unique application called but this time it works for video processing. The site has a lot to get this recommendation has a very special feature that although we are not proficient in video editing, but with the features of the resulting video would like a professional.

Cloud applications are not inferior to foreign IT companies Indonesia has some of the existing issued a Cloud-based applications either Private or Public.

For the Public Cloud-based applications, Indonesia has which has the function as a personal financial management applications, with the launch of a new version of Android launched a few months ago we could enter personal financial data through your favorite Android mobile phone.

For Cloud-based accounting system that we have, with Cloud-based applications from the company's accounting data can be easily accessed to check the realtime reports anytime and anywhere.

In addition to the application of Public Cloud Indonesia also has a W-ERP Private Cloud-based ERP system that is intended for companies who want the entire system integration company.

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