Wednesday, February 8, 2012

He is the Most Powerful Cell Phone on the Temperature of Frozen

Finland - Will cell phones sold in the market can survive in very cold conditions? A main question underlying this test 18 popular brands of mobile phones to measure resilience in extreme temperatures.

MikroPC media trial conducted in Finland, one of the countries in Europe that are experiencing extreme cold weather nan. A total of 15 best selling phones that Nokia is included in the enclosure. There are also three more models for a comparison, so a total of 18 phones.

Endurance test conducted in a laboratory that can be regulated temperature. Initial temperature of 0 degrees Celsius 9 degrees gradually lowered to a temperature at which all the phones stopped working. How did it go?

Apple iPhone 4S turned out to be the first one fails. At a temperature of -5 degrees, 4S iPhone and Nokia N9 are equally disturbed. At a temperature of -10 degrees, iPhone 4S totally dead. While N9 can withstand temperatures up to -19 degrees.

Quoted from PCWorld, Tuesday (07/02/2012), the majority of smartphone can not survive in temperatures of -15 to -20 degrees Celsius. While the phone is more durable feature where there are surviving in temperatures -25 degrees.

Samsung Galaxy S II turned out to be quite strong and the most enduring smartphone. The new Android handset is off when the temperature was lowered to -35 degrees Celsius. Galaxy S II commensurate with Samsung Xcover and Nokia C2-02.

Then the phones which are a champion? Apparently champion is cheap handset Nokia C1-01 and Nokia E65. Both are still able to function until the temperature showed a -40 degrees Celsius, the coldest temperature in Finland.

Several factors cause why the handset so that one can better survive in cold temperatures than others. For example, a handset with an AMOLED display is said to be cold resistant than LCD.

Here's a list of tested phones and how they survive until the temperature. The left side shows when the phone began to show symptoms of damage at a given temperature and the right display when the phone is turned off:

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